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Schedule an annual tune-up with RK HVAC professionals . Call (770)-833-8262 to make an appointment.

​Our trained HVAC technicians  can detect most problems before they become major ones. With a cost of around $100 for a tune-up call for each unit, the benefits will likely outweigh the costs by a considerable margin. A typical tune-up will include various tests to ensure your unit’s internal parts are functioning correctly, as well as a filter check, and a Freon levels checked.Our technician will also clear the drain, and clean outdoor coils if needed.
Because air conditioning repairs can be quite costly, depending on the particular problem, it is best to work with highly trained HVAC professionals to ensure quality work.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your AC Unit

  1. Change your filter: The simplest and most effective way to keep your AC running smoothly is changing your filter once a month. By regularly changing your filter, you reduce a lot of the burden on your system. Changing your filters regularly is easy on your budget and easy on your system as well. It will lower your utility bill and extend the life of your AC.
  2. Keep your coils clean: The AC coils and fins on the outside of your unit need to be kept clean and clear of obstructions. Leaves and other debris sometimes accumulate around your unit. You can clean your unit with a regular garden hose and a broom. Do not use a pressure washer, as the strong spray could cause harm to your system. A little bit of housekeeping in this regard goes far toward keeping your air conditioner working optimally.
  3. Keep surrounding shrubbery trimmed: A quick trim will do the trick.
  4. Ensure your dryer vent is not angled toward your AC unit:​ Lint from your dryer exhaust can cause problems for your unit.
  5. Adjust your thermostat​:​ If you are away for large stretches of time every day, adjust your thermostat to a higher temperature for the time you are away. This will lessen the amount of time your unit has to work each day, and will lengthen its life cycle. An additional benefit will be a lower utility bill each month.