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Is your heating system Ready for Winter? Pre-season maintenance is is the
best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. It can
help to avoid a system failure in severe cold weather when you need it the
most and can keep your energy bill in check Have your system tune up in
the fall so it’s in top shape for the start of the heating season!!

Tips for Maintaining Your Heating Unit

● Check the filter(s)- Dirty air filter makes your central heating system work harder,
increasing your energy bills and wearing out your system faster. Change your
filters once a month for optimal air flow.
● Have ductwork checked at least once a year for Leaky joints, dust buildup,
mold and rust- Leaky joints should be re-sealed with Duct mastic sealant .
Corroded ducts should repaired or replaced by a professional HVAC contractor.
● Clean ductwork and registers as needed- Where there are no obvious problems,
having ducts cleaned by a professional once every Five years may be adequate.
● Check Pilot Light if Present- Check the pilot light on your furnace to determine if
the flame is lit and is the proper blue color. You will know you have a problem
with your pilot light if the flame is largely orange or

Schedule an annual tune-up with RK HVAC professionals . Call
(770)-833-8262 to make an appointment.